Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eye of Nuit - One Month Later

So, today is the one month anniversary of our store.  In that time, I have seen the building blocks of the dreams I've had for many years starting to set in place.

I wanted a great little shop where wiccans, witches & pagans could come and not only pick up the items they need, but also find cool stuff they didn't know existed.  Everyone would walk in the door and "See, Hear & FEEL the MAGICK"  Apparently we've achieved that because we hear time and time again "You have a really nice shop!"  One aspect that definitely enhances this is the fact that our landlord allowed us to bring my familiars Nuit & Nessa Rose to the shop.  While Nuit isn't such a big fan of Going To Work, Nessa Rose LOVES to come to the store and help show people around. 

It was important to me that the prices be reasonable.  As a consumer, I really detest being grossly overcharged.  Apparently we've achieved that because one of the comments we hear over and over is "Wow!  Your prices are really great!"  Witchcraft on a Budget is what we're all about!

There needed to be space for classes, workshops & rituals.  The retail space we chose offered just that.  In January, we will be offering our first class - Crystal Healing I, and have had lots of responses from those wishing to attend.  In addition to this, the Pittsburgh Black Hat Society has chosen our location for monthly "Meetups". 

We have met so many wonderful people, and made many new friends.  The value of this cannot be measured by what's in the cash register each night.  And this, my friends, is what my dream was all about.  We didn't just open a store.  We opened a Treasure Chest!

In Her Service,