Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gemstone of the day ~ Fluorite

Fluorite. Beautiful, translucent, and oh-so-handy to carry when you're feeling stressed! Most people look to Hematite when they need a good grounding stone, but Fluorite does the job just as well, if not better!

This gentle healer will detoxify and energize all of the chakras, especially when placed on the Heart or Throat chakra. It allows us to heal from heart based issues, whether emotional or physical. Fluorite will dispel negative energy, especially from the environment, such as electromagnetic "smog" from computers. It then reenergizes the atmosphere. A great stone to have around you if you work in an office to reduce stress or negative situations. It's great also, if you work near a lot of computer equipment!

Fluorite comes in variations of greens, blues, yellow, and purples. Some Fluorite is all green, some all purple. I think the nicest pieces are those that blend the green, purple, and aqua in a stone of translucent beauty.

Magickally speaking, Fluorite is connected to the element of Air. It will bring clarity to a situation, allowing you to focus more closely on the answer you're seeking. Because it's a great "mind stone", it's also great for those who are looking to hone in on their psychic and intuition abilities! Overall, Fluorite is the stone of Mental Clarity.

Last but not least, Fluorite is a great stone to carry or hold when you're studying. It will assist in your mind's ability to retain knowledge. Stock up on some Fluorite before that next big test! You can light a yellow candle (yellow being the color of the element of Air), and set a few tumbled Fluorite gemstones around the candle while you're studying. I highly suggest our hand rolled mini beeswax candles for this. They burn beautifully, and are all natural with a cotton wick.

Fluorite is always available at Pagan Stuff Cheap, or available while Eye of Nuit is still open through sometime in March. ;-)

 I hope you've enjoyed this informational tidbit. I dare say, it's a "gem"! ;-)

Magically yours,