Monday, March 7, 2011

I Need, I Want, I HAVE!

How many times have you found yourself saying "I need...<insert your wish here>" or "I want..."?  I do it all the time!  Or, I'll say "I need to..."  and it will include an action I wish to take to make something in my life better.  Most of it includes having the TIME to accomplish - but more on that later.  

These "I need, want"'s can include a variety of things:  money, a job, to lose weight, to be more kind, to be more assertive, to stop smoking, to get homework or studies done, to get to the grocery store, to update my blog... oh the list goes on and on!

 What exactly does it mean to "need"?  Well hello Mr. Dictionary, thank you for showing up so quickly here!  Let's look at "need" as a noun:
  • a requirement, necessary duty, or obligation
  • a lack of something wanted or deemed necessary
  • urgent want, as of something requisite
  • necessity arising from the circumstances of a situation or case
  • a situation or time of difficulty; exigency
  • a condition marked by the lack of something requisite
  • destitution; extreme poverty
And what about "want"?  Well according to Mr. Dictionary, I'd say the two go hand in hand:
–verb (used with object)
  • to feel a need or a desire for; wish for.
  • to wish, need, crave, demand, or desire (often followed by an infinitive)
  • to be without or be deficient in
  • to fall short by (a specified amount)
  • to require or need–verb (used without object)
 –verb (used without object)
  • to feel inclined; wish; like (often followed by to )
  • to be deficient by the absence of some part or thing, or to feel or have a need (sometimes followed by for ).
  • to have need (usually followed by for ).
  • to be in a state of destitution, need, or poverty.
  • to be lacking or absent, as a part or thing necessary to completeness.
Yup, she went there!  That age old adage.  We teach it and preach it ALL the time!  So if thoughts are things, and we continue to WANT and NEED - what does that mean for us?

We will ALWAYS be in a state of WANT and NEED.  Now, what do we do about that?  Of course, we will never have all that we want or need - but can't we start having some of those "wants and needs"?

WHY YEST WE CAN!!  (I heard that - "But HOW?  She's MAD!!")

AHA!  Well here's MY Thought-Thing:  What if we replaced "want" and "need" with "I HAVE".  Hmmm.... another interesting train of thought!

So, if I tell the Universe that "I HAVE the job I need", or "I HAVE the money for <insert wishlist item here>" - does the Universe hear you and bring that to you which you desire?  Or does it have an AWFUL sense of humor and assume that you're good to go, so no action on it's part is necessary?
WOW.  Does YOUR brain hurt?  MINE DOES!!  However, here's what I know and what I've decided:
I'm going to work very proactively to reduce the amount of times I use "I Want" and "I Need" from my vocabulary - both spoken and unspoken.  I will replace it with words that convey to the Universe that it needs to help me achieve the things I want to bring into my life.  And I will use the "As Above, So Below" thought process.

Sound simple?  It is!  My suggestion is to start noting how many times a day you find yourself saying want/need, and then work towards correcting those statements to reflect a more positive "in-the-here-and-now" state of being.  See?  Easy as pie!
Now... since I find my coffee cup isn't providing me with liquid refreshment at this time, I'll bid you adieu as I say: