Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gemstone of the day ~ Fluorite

Fluorite. Beautiful, translucent, and oh-so-handy to carry when you're feeling stressed! Most people look to Hematite when they need a good grounding stone, but Fluorite does the job just as well, if not better!

This gentle healer will detoxify and energize all of the chakras, especially when placed on the Heart or Throat chakra. It allows us to heal from heart based issues, whether emotional or physical. Fluorite will dispel negative energy, especially from the environment, such as electromagnetic "smog" from computers. It then reenergizes the atmosphere. A great stone to have around you if you work in an office to reduce stress or negative situations. It's great also, if you work near a lot of computer equipment!

Fluorite comes in variations of greens, blues, yellow, and purples. Some Fluorite is all green, some all purple. I think the nicest pieces are those that blend the green, purple, and aqua in a stone of translucent beauty.

Magickally speaking, Fluorite is connected to the element of Air. It will bring clarity to a situation, allowing you to focus more closely on the answer you're seeking. Because it's a great "mind stone", it's also great for those who are looking to hone in on their psychic and intuition abilities! Overall, Fluorite is the stone of Mental Clarity.

Last but not least, Fluorite is a great stone to carry or hold when you're studying. It will assist in your mind's ability to retain knowledge. Stock up on some Fluorite before that next big test! You can light a yellow candle (yellow being the color of the element of Air), and set a few tumbled Fluorite gemstones around the candle while you're studying. I highly suggest our hand rolled mini beeswax candles for this. They burn beautifully, and are all natural with a cotton wick.

Fluorite is always available at Pagan Stuff Cheap, or available while Eye of Nuit is still open through sometime in March. ;-)

 I hope you've enjoyed this informational tidbit. I dare say, it's a "gem"! ;-)

Magically yours,

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Smoking Crayon

I admit it, deep inside of me is a kid at heart, just crying to come out and play. For so long now, all I've wanted to do is spend time creating fun things with Play-Doh and lose myself in a good coloring book with crayons. No responsibilities, no profit and loss sheets to pore over, no inventory to count and order, no advertising to write, no stress; just... crayons.

During the holidays, two young girls who are very dear to me decided to give me the ultimate gift. A HUGE coloring book, a box of crayons, and Play-Doh! There was also a beautiful necklace and bracelet that I cherish.  But... the CRAYONS!!

Oh. My. Goddess. It was SO cool to open that bag and see these childhood relics right in front of my eyes. Of course, the first thing I did was smell the coloring book AND the crayons. They have a unique odor that just invokes all kinds of warm and fuzzy childhood memories for me. This was... nirvana. And it was all mine!

My first picture was sooooo much fun to color! I haven't used crayons in so many years and was afraid I'd end up coloring worse than a 5 year old. With lots of concentration, I was able to stay in the lines AND do some nice blending of colors. I even gave this little mousie a name and added a few embellishments of my own.

Felix over there might just play a supporting role in the book I plan to write this year. Hmmm...!

Fast forward a few weeks. So last night I'm reclining on the couch with Dave watching  barely paying attention to what was on TV. I grabbed the coloring book and crayons out of the bag that I keep next to the couch, and began working on a cute butterfly looking thing. Yes, this one was a "color by numbers" outline. Don't hate.

So anyway, I wanted to have a smoke. I didn't want to lay the crayon I was using in my lap because it might roll off. So I stuck it in my mouth. I then grabbed a cigarette in one hand, lighter in the other. Something on TV caught my eye... I believe Uncle Si was talking on Duck Dynasty (another crazy indulgence of ours; Uncle Si fascinates the hell out of me!!) I mindlessly raised the lighter and began to flick my Bic at the same moment my brain cued into the signal from my mouth that what I was tasting wasn't the normal menthol of my cigarette filter... but... {GASP} CRAYON!! I dropped that lighter like a hot potato and collapsed in a fit of giggles. And then, of course, I grabbed my phone and posted a status update to the world that I had just tried to smoke my crayon.

The moral of this story is: When life hands you crayons, don't smoke them! ;-)

Until next time,

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Much adieu about nothing...

Many of you have already heard the news. We're closing the store. We're done. Stick a fork in it done. Yup, that's right. Eye of Nuit will be closing it's doors sometime in March, if not sooner. I may, or may not, blog more of the details of this at a later date.The online store will remain (Pagan Stuff Cheap), and there will be an online store set up at the Eye of Nuit site where I will sell various and sundry items that don't go on Pagan Stuff Cheap.

The nice thing about this monumental decision is that I am free to allow my "Give A Shit" to run amok. And believe me, the GAS is having a blast!

Now, onto the redesigned blog! I needed something fresh, something new. I've been selling some of my witchy wares under the Enchanted Moon Alchemy™ name, and wanted to incorporate that into this fresh new blog. But for some reason, since it's a blog, the word "alchemy" just wasn't fitting. So I sat and thought a while. Then the word "chronicles" popped into my head and I said BINGO!!

But then, being the Gemini that I am, I asked myself WHY the word "Chronicles" was so hauntingly familiar. Took me a while. Then it hit me.  The Grimoire Chronicles series by Sally Dubats (my new FAV author!) You can find the first book in the series on Amazon. Please do check it out!

In mundane news, I finally got the ScentWerx site up and running.  It's done fairly well for being so new. We've got tons of Dave's beautiful candles listed, I added some Smelly Jellies, and recently added Shower Gels, and a luxurious Body Mist. In the coming weeks I'll have the silky smooth body lotions, and some OHMYGODDESS sugar scrubs.

I've committed myself (if you stopped here and didn't read any further, please do not pass Go, do not collect $200, just head directly to the asylum) to writing a book this year. After the store officially closes. There's a story that is absolutely begging to be told. And I've promised myself that names probably won't be changed to protect the not-so-innocent. ::evil grin::

One other project I'm taking on this year, and that is learning how to make my own herbal products. Tinctures, salves, brews, and the like. So if you thought that closing the physical store meant I'd just be a lazy housewife, think again LOL!

That's all for now.