Candle Magick

The candle is one of the most effective tools you'll find when looking to do powerful, yet easy, spell work.  While candles come in all shapes and sizes, I prefer to use my own hand rolled beeswax candles.

Hand rolled mini beeswax candles
Beeswax candles are all natural, come in every color of the rainbow, and have one aspect you won't find with other candles:  you can add herb magick to them!

The soft and pliable beeswax allows you to roll your candle into herbs that have been chosen for the intent you have in mind.  For maximum safety, the herbs should be ground.  Grinding the herbs by hand with your mortar and pestle adds even more power to your spell work because as you are grinding you focus on the intent - or desired outcome - of your spell work.  

Beltane Maypole candle
There are many beeswax suppliers online.  Toadily Handmade is a great site as well as Knorr Beeswax, to name a few.  If you live in the Pittsburgh or surrounding areas, Eye of Nuit has reiki charged hand rolled mini beeswax candles for use in your spell work, or they make great altar and quarter candles!  I created beautiful Beltane altar candles last year out of a single sheet of white beeswax, and added ribbons to give it a Maypole look.

This particular candle is approximately 2 inches wide by 8 inches tall.  I secured the ribbons and a bell with a small safety pin, and placed it in the top of the candle.  This made for easy removal of the ribbons when burning... which is the safe thing to do since no one likes a flaming witch! *giggle*

Choosing the correct color candle to use in your spell work will help you focus on the magick at hand. Check out my color correspondences table to determine the best color to use when doing candle magick.  When in doubt, white is always the best substitute.

Next, we'll talk about preparing your candles and herbs (if you choose to use them).  Stay tuned!

If you would like to order our mini hand rolled beeswax candles, please go to our website at Eye of Nuit and use the "Contact Us" form to submit a request. 

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