Monday, October 31, 2011

The Crone, The Owl, and The Cocoon

The Crone sits and takes a deep breath, The Owl rests on her shoulder.  A battle still rages on, although she's fought long and hard.  The Owl gently ruffles it's feathers, and The Crone acknowledges that the battle is far from over.  But as the bitter winds blow cold over this Samhain Eve, The Crone is tired and battle weary.  While her bones ache, it's the heaviness in her heart that hurt the most. 

She knows this battle is hers alone.  Long and hard fought, with no end in sight.  The foes are those who seek to destroy Truth.  To destroy Honor.  To destroy Justice.  Their troops outnumber The Crone in so many ways. The prize they eye is coveted by so many.  Power, glory, fortune and perhaps fame.

The Crone seeks none of these, she seeks only to heal.  The wisdom of The Owl is her guide, her map.  It's curious to her, how many will follow false prophets, only to be used and abused over and over again.  She asks herself why she fights this battle.  And with wisdom of the ancients, and the insight of The Owl that is unfailingly true, The Crone knows the answer.  Truth.  Honor.  Justice.  No matter the price.  Her mission in life was mapped out in ancient times.  She bows to the Goddess and whispers, "Your will is mine". 

The battle, long fought -  will never be over.  But The Crone will fight until she takes her last breath.  For now, she descends to the Underworld.  A place of respite - a time to heal.  She lays her head down, a tear slides down her worn face.  The fire within will keep her warm, and in her Cocoon she will rest.