Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What the...???

OMG's Nuit'ers!  I'm SO behind in my blogging!  A month filled with ups, downs, and total busyness, I tell ya!

I'll start first with the "downs" first.  The company that brought me many great years of conventional employment is being forced to shut it's doors as of June 13th and I'm being laid off this week.  It's sad, scary, and yet liberating all at the same time.   Delivery Solutions, Inc. has been good to me.  I've grown and learned so much.  There will be many good people who will be affected by the closing of the company, and my heart goes out to them.  There are others who will need to take a few steps back and learn to be grateful for what the company provided for them for many, many years.  My feeling is that if you hang your hat on who you are in every way, not just what your "status" in life is - then you'll be alright.  Dave and I - we'll be alright! :-)  Rich or poor or just in-between - be happy for what you have.  I am! 

So what's the "ups"?  Let's see, we've been super busy getting ready for our first ever vending event at Gaia Fest!  Dave worked tirelessly on cultivating his candle making methods, and we put our heads together to bring you some of the most beautiful palm wax and soy wax candles you'll find anywhere.  I've blended some of my own scents to bring you aromas that will knock your witch hats off!

The picture to the left here is just a small representation of the beautiful palm wax candles that are part of the CandleWerx™ lineup.  They are 1.75" wide x 4" high.

Our 3.9 oz. jars of 100% soy wax also come in a variety of scents such as Coconut Lime, Mint Bliss, Fab-Breeze! (to eliminate smoke & odors), Citronella, Sugar Fairy, Dreamsicle, and much more.  The soy wax burns clean, and will scent your room whether lit, or not.

In the coming months we'll introduce NEW scents, and we're looking at having a "Candle of the Month" offering.

Not wanting to stop there, I have developed my own line of Bath & Body products.  Eye of Nuit now features BathWerx™ soaps & bath salts and BodyWerx™ lotions.  We currently offer Shea Aloe Body Butter and Goats Milk & Honey lotions. 

Pictured here is "Mint Bliss", just one of the sensory-pleasing aromas that we've developed.

A new crowd-pleaser is our Coconut Lime shea butter soap:

They come in several different Celtic knot shapes.  These soaps lather well, and rinse nicely!

All of our products are available for purchase at Eye of Nuit, our brick and mortar shop located in White Oak, PA.  

Soon you'll be able to purchase our entire line of candle, bath, & body products online.  Look for an announcement soon!

In the "other" news department:  my BFF Kallan Kennedy is doing an AMAZING giveaway featuring a $25 gift certificate to our online store Pagan Stuff Cheap!  She's brilliant!  I got to visit with Kallan and her clan earlier this month.  Such a treat to see my BFF after many years!  She made homemade lasagna, her signature artisan bread and LEMON COOKIES and LEMON CAKE!  Lyssa, her beautiful daughter who I just adore, made the tastiest salad with all kinds of fresh greens & goodies.  I left there FULL, content and happy!

And now, Nuiters, I must get back to work!  Have a Magickal day!