About Snowy

Snowy:  I'm wiccan, I'm a witch. I own an online shop called Pagan Stuff Cheap

I'm female, 52 years old and married to the best man ever.  Rites of Caffeina are held daily in our household.  We have 7 cats (Nuit, Emma, Mr. Bean, Nessa Rose, Karma, Mojo, & Dexter), a Siberian Husky (Bailey) and a Mutt (Rosie).  

I am a Priestess of The Morrighan, and have received my Bachelor's degree in Metaphysics at the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science (IMHS). 

I am a true Gemini, a Triple Gemini.  Did someone say it sucks to be me?  Hahaha.  Kinda true at times.  But honestly, I love my life.  The best advice I can give anyone out there:  never give up on your dreams.  Dream them every day.  See your dreams becoming reality.  In time, they can - and hopefully will.