Sunday, January 23, 2011

NOW who's "America's Team"?


In a 1978 team highlight film, the narrator referred to the Dallas Cowboys as "America's Team".  This nickname stuck, and although Tom Landry (then coach) was initially against the label, he eventually grew to like it.

In 1993, just prior to Super Bowl XXVII, Buffalo Bills coach Marv Levy took a shot at Dallas by claiming the title for the Bills  because they would be wearing "red, white, and blue".  Levy ate those words when Dallas beat Buffalo 52 - 17.

Owner Art Rooney explained his reasoning for why he felt the Pittsburgh Steelers should not claim this title saying, "'We didn't want that,' Rooney said. 'We're Pittsburgh's team. We feel strongly about that.'"

There is now a group on Facebook called Make The Steelers Americas Team.  With all due respect to Mr. Rooney, I'd have to say the fans get it.  

Here's all I need to know:

1:  No other football team holds more Super Bowl titles than any other team.  (that would be 6, count 'em - SIX)

2:  The Steelers won more AFC Championship games than any other team. Tonight made 8, count 'em - EIGHT)

3:  They played in and hosted more conference championship games than any AFC or NFC team.

4:  They are the oldest franchise in the AFC and the 5th oldest franchise in the NFL and have been owned by one family since their inception.  (The Rooney's)

5:  Their fanbase spreads from one end of the country to another.  They are collectively known as "Steeler Nation".

In 2005, I personally saw a car with the Steelers logo in Bakersfield, CA.  There are several Steeler bars in Baltimore, MD - much to the chagrin of the Baltimore Ravens fans.  

Win or lose tonight, as far as this blogger is concerned - the Pittsburgh Steelers are now and always have been...


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