Sunday, March 17, 2013

Winding down, gearing up, and being A-mused.

Over the past several months I would say to myself, "Self, you need to write in your blog". Self would just glance at me sideways and smirk. She knows me well. Of course, one of the many issues I have is this strange and twisted animal called "Time". Time just moves along at it's own (warp) speed, not caring if I catch up with it or not. Time is like a bad relationship. It leaves me the jilted lover over, and over, and over, and... ok, you get the picture.

Another issue I have is my muse, Ms. Gabby Sylent. GS is a true Gemini complete with the requisite dual personality. She occupies two large portions of my medulla oblongata. In one corner, she sits there quiet as a church mouse. *reminder to self: locate the origin of that phrase* She doesn't really do much talking, if any. She does create a lot of mental pictures. No words, just pictures. Then, all of a sudden and without warning, she will spring to life and beam herself over to the other corner of my brain. And she WON'T. SHUT. UP.  *sigh*

Writing a blog requires having something to say. I can't just sit here and implant all the pictures that Ms.Sylent gives me into my blog. And the sad part is that Gabby and Time have not learned how to play well together. So when she zips into the dreaded nonstoptalkingwon'tshutup mode, Time just keeps moving away. Doing it's own thing. While Gabby does hers. Never the two shall meet. Or come to some sort of compromise. Or meet at a crossroad. Cross paths, even.

Gabby just interrupted me, reminding me that she has some Very Important Things to do and would I please get on with it...? Honestly, my muse has no room to talk... and a heaping helping of Nerve. Perhaps one day I'll go into my relationship with said Nerve.
So, how many of you know that my shop, Eye of Nuit, is closing after two years of being in business? Raise your hands. Oh no... not too many hands there. <flips Gabby the bird>

Yep, it's true.  After two long years of owning and operating a brick & mortar store front, I have made the decision to close. It's been a long and sometimes arduous journey, but one that I will never forget. Many lessons learned. It's been a rich, rewarding, frustrating and maddening experience.

The doors close for good on Friday, March 22nd. We then have a week to pack up the entire shop: product, furniture, candle making supplies, and more. That stuff will all get moved to a storage unit close to the house until... **wait for it....*

We MOVE! Yep. We're moving. From Pennsylvania to Tennessee. Warmer weather. Small town. Land. Fresh air. Peace and Serenity. A neighbor with a cow. I might raise a few chickens. I'll have what I have wanted for a very long time: a STUDIO! Where I can create all of my delightfully witchy products, my amazing bath and body products, and Candles!

 Don't fret. The online stores will still be available. Eye of Nuit will host Enchanted Moon Alchemy and eventually feature even MORE Wicked-Cool products. Pagan Stuff Cheap will continue to offer you great stuff at even greater prices. And of course, ScentWerx with our line of some of the best candles, bath & body products you can find.

Until next time,