Friday, January 14, 2011

Pagan Stuff Cheap - Eye of Nuit's Online Shoppe NOW OPEN!

Our online store is NOW OPEN!  We will be adding some more products throughout the day.  Please see the website for more details.
Many of you already know that the cornerstone of our beliefs here at Eye of Nuit is that you can buy great stuff at the most reasonable prices possible.
Nuit wanted to share that concept with people far and wide, and so began the concept of “Pagan Stuff Cheap”.  Not only will our online shoppe offer a great selection, you’ll enjoy 10% or MORE off regular retail prices – EVERY DAY!
Want to be rewarded for your loyalty to our store?  You got it!  Many of the purchases you make at Pagan Stuff Cheap will earn you LOYALTY POINTS which translate into CA$H that you can use towards future purchases!

Our online shop features all the magickal goodies the thrifty witch and pagan could want.  Need a new Book of Shadows?  We got 'em!  Has your altar cloth become torn, tattered, and candle wax stained?  Find a new one here!    

Oils, besoms, athames & cauldrons - all at amazing prices - are just a few mouse clicks away. 

Putting together the online store has been a labor of love for us.  Why?  Our motto says it all:

More Magick for Your Moola!™

Now through January 22nd - get an extra 5% off your order with this coupon code:  ILOVEPSC


  1. Greetings Snowy, I have just popped over from kallan's (pookies) blog to take at look at your nuit shop, and now you blog. I am very excited about this, and hope to be putting in an order soon!! good luck to you in your new venture!! blessings to you, robin.

  2. Pookie, you'll love Robin.. she's amazing!

  3. Robin - Thank you so much! Please don't hesitate to give me any feedback you might have on the online store. :-)

    Pookie - you're the best!

  4. I wanted to stop by and wish you luck on your online addition. I'm here courtesy of Kallan who was gracious enough to share the good news.

    I was going through your site, thinking that I didn't need anything. But I think I was victim of Kallan's "you know you need something from my girl spell" and all of the sudden I feel like I really need a new broom...

    Congrats again, and a MEGA load of prosperity!

  5. Magaly - thank you so much! Love your blog by the way! :-)

  6. First thank you so much for following me! I know I don't put pagan stuff on there but I am so new that I don't want to misspeak. Speaking of being new...I love your shop! I have nothing in this area that has supplies for me so you can be sure I will be shopping soon! Your store is set up great very easy to navigate!

  7. Kristen: I'm so glad you like the online shop! I loved your site because I've always loved beads and beadworking so much. Don't really do any of it anymore though. Having you on my blog reading list just might inspire me again one day!

  8. Hello!!!

    I have the best story for you. I found your blog through a blog that I check up on often. It's called "The Secret Life of an Amaerican Working Witch." I just read a blog about "Eye of Nuit" and was dumbfounded because I have been there with a friend and I didn't think many people knew about it and here I was reading a blog about it!! So then I found your friend! and I found your blog on blogger. My name is Amanda and you may not remember me because I have only been in once, BUT my friend Amanda or Toshie as she may have referred to herself, brought you cake pops and visits your cute little shop every once in a while! How small is this world? and HOW cool is that??? I just had to share the story. :)

    Have a great day! Take care and Brightest Blessings!!

    - Amanda

    oh and I am a fan of your facebook page for Eye of Nuit and your friend on there! My name is Amanda Christie! :)

  9. Holy Cats Amanda! Yes, I do know you both! Amanda brought me the cake pops and they were the BEST thing ever!! Small world, isn't it? Kallan is an old and dear friend who has been so supportive of me. Even better - she plans to move here to the PGH area sometime this year! You might just actually get to meet her in person. Thank you so much for the kind words. It means a lot to know that my goal of reaching out and giving back to the pagan community is being realized. Many blessings to you, and say "hey" to Amanda for me! ;-)


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