Friday, March 25, 2011

Ketchup, Kindles & Kandles!

And no, not the Heinz variety.  I mean as in updating this blog because I've been too busy to do so recently.  Lots of wonderful things happening in Snowydom!  I'd like to take the time today and update you all on those happenings.  Although, first things first.  I MUST grumble about the lousy, cold weather we're having!  Where's that darn Punxy Phil?  I want to make Groundhog Ground Meat out of him, with KETCHUP on the side!! 

Now onto the FUN stuff!  I have a NEW TOY!  My honey bought me a Kindle!  I *heart* My Honey!  Oh, and even better?  He got me a SWEET Kindle cover that has a built in light!  All this thanks to a newcomer at Eye of Nuit, Lisa. She brought her Kindle one night to our Witches in Stitches Meetup and I fell totally in *heart* with it!  SO many cool features but my absolute FAV is the ability to send yourself .PDF or .DOC files.  Do you know how much of a blast that is???  If you own a Kindle, look into it - especially if you've downloaded ebooks or any reference material that is in those forms - or created an electronic Book of Shadows that you would like to keep handy.  I confess - I put my Ostara ritual (in Word format) on my Kindle and referenced it.  

The Purple Flame of Healing & Hope candle has been created!  This candle was created specifically for healing work, and is dedicated to a young girl named Kayla who is a very special to us.  She was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma and is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments.  Her favorite color is purple, which is why I chose that color for the candle.

We decided to go with the 100% soy wax and put it in container form.  The scent chosen is a blend of lavender, vanilla & a hint of *secret*.  Our candles come in a 3.7 oz jar and are being sold at $3.00 each with ALL proceeds going to the American Cancer Society in Kayla's name.  We have taken orders for over 4 dozen already, and will be hand pouring batches to fill those orders this weekend.

These candles are currently offered in store only.  We are looking into selling them in bulk, just need to price out shipping costs.  So please check out our website, or some other links I'll provide below to get the latest updates.

In other miscellaneous news - we've been developing and perfecting our palm wax line of pillars, soy jar candles, a Fizzy Bath Salts line and some really nice soaps!   We've had GREAT reviews on the bath salts, soy jar candles and pillar candles so far!  Within the next few months, look for some of our products to be available for purchase online!  

I have a few more creative ideas up my sleeve, but I don't want to give ALL my surprises away!  ;-)

Here's the links as promised, and I'm wishing you all a very happy weekend!

and our online store with over 5,000 products at a 10% discount everyday!:

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