Thursday, May 19, 2011

Navigating the delicate fields of the human ego on Facebook

*sigh*  I think many of you can relate to this. 

Facebook has become one of those things that I have developed a love/hate relationship with.  I love the interaction, love connecting with people, and love it as the best marketing tool since sliced bread.  (ok, sandwich boards, but who's counting)

It's core component is allowing users to post a "status".  And of course, many of us are VERY creative with our status posts. We use it to express a need for coffee, love, or energy.  We run to it when we feel the need to bitch-slap someone but aren't immediately able to "reach out and touch someone".   (they used to call that "therapy")  We share stories, pass along interesting (or sometimes not so interesting) information.  It's enables us to give and receive love to and from all over the world.  It allows us to shamelessly plug our wares. 

Facebook also provides a platform for some of the most insane "witch wars" and cat fights I've seen in my life.  (cheap entertainment if you ask me!)  Some people boldly post and include the name of He/She Who Shall Be Slapped.  Most of us don't.  But maybe we should?? 

And here's why:  I've noticed that there are many, many people who think that every rant, whine or imagined bitch slap IS ABOUT THEM! Really??  I'm sorry, but people with low self-esteem and a "why is everybody always picking on me? attitude need to just stay the hell off of Facebook if they are going to throw Boo-Hoo Tempers!

Another pet peeve I have is people who think you live only to read THEIR posts/updates on Facebook.  With over 350 friends on Facebook, and many who post every little achievement they make in over a thousand game apps, not to mention the tons of pages I've "liked" who ALSO post status updates, I would have to close my store and sit at the computer 24/7 to read them all!!  So please, don't get your knickers in a twist when I don't see your post. 

Oh, and while I'm at it:  Tagging me and 2000 of your Facebook friends in a photo of something other than me is ANNOYING.  You want to send me some love or get info to me?  SEND ME A MESSAGE or stop by my wall!  Heads up:  I "untag" myself when people do that.  Just sayin'.

Been there?  Done that?  Think I'm off my rocker?  (I am, just so you know...)  Feel free to express your rants and views in the comments!  And if you're reading this and thinking to yourself "She's talking about me!!".  Well yeah, I probably am.  Feel free to unfriend me, if you already haven't.  *insert eye roll here*


  1. Sooooo, what like you don't just hang around with bated breath waiting for our post? Wow, you do have a life..
    Funny how we forget that...
    Glad you got that off you chest... Maybe some of us will learn. And if not, thats what delete/remove is for..

  2. You've hit on a lot of my same pet peeves. While I am guilty of sometimes posting boring status updates, I do think Facebook is an improper venue for a lot of things that get posted. I don't want to be in the middle of a fight between people (and really folks.. using FB to do it seems cowardly to me). It's a social media app..I don't air dirty laundry in public in the real world, so why on earth would I do it in cyberspace? Some things are truly better left unsaid. Great blog, Pookie!!

  3. Thanks Pookie! Boring status updates can be turned into a few good giggles with the right attitude. Being able to bitch about something that's going on in your life with your FB peeps can be therapeutic at times. It's usually a good idea to leave out the "TMI" part though.

    But really - if a FB rant makes someone constantly run around screaming 'THE SKY IS FALLING AND ITS ONLY FALLING ON ME!!', that's just nuts. My feeling is that if they ARE the type of person who needs a house to fall on their head, chances are it won't be via someone's posts/rants on FB.


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