Wednesday, February 22, 2012

SpellWerx Reversing Candles

Made on the New Moon (yes, you heard right*).  These are my new SpellWerx Reversing Spell Candles.  The premise behind a reversing candle is that it aids you in reversing a spell gone wrong, removes negative blockages, and allows you to reclaim YOUR power!
Sometimes we do a working, and can’t understand why it didn’t work.  Think about the specific wording you used in that spell.  Were you clear in your intent?  Were the words you spoke very carefully thought out and specific?  Don’t remember?  Or are you having one of those “AHA!” moments right now?
If so, this is the candle for you.  Made of beeswax, these candles are hand rolled first with a sheet of red, and layered on the outside with a sheet of black.  The black represents the current “negative” aspect and the red inside represents you, your power, and the desire you have to shed the black cloud that surrounds you.
Ever felt like someone was sending you nasty energy?  This candle breaks that icky stuff right off you!  And not to worry – for those of you who adhere strictly to the Wiccan Rede, it does not send the icky energy back to anyone.  It simply breaks it apart and becomes energy that can be manipulated for only the good – allowing you to think clearly and be empowered.  In the case of a spell gone wrong – this works exceptionally well!
These candles have an all natural cotton wick, burn beautifully, and are approximately 1/2 ” wide by 4″ high.  Only 3 available – priced at $2.99 – only at Eye of Nuit!
*The time of the New Moon is good for workings that have to do with personal growth, healing, and blessing new projects.
Please burn responsibly.  No one likes a Flaming Witch!

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