Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Polish your Gem-self and SHINE!

I saw a tweet today that made me think. Rather than quote the tweet, (because it was a bit on the snarky side) I'd like to talk about the more positive aspect. Yes. The POSITIVE. If you're thinking that this <sometimes> cantankerous old witch is all of a sudden going all "love & light", just switch your mental gears for a few minutes and indulge me in my wit and humor.

*dips quill in ink and begins*

I never have, and never will be, what some would call a "love & lighter". Rest assured, I still fully believe that light and dark balance each other. Without darkness, there cannot be light - and vice versa. The saying "A witch who cannot hex, cannot heal" is still a deeply rooted tenet of mine.

The Morrighan, warrior goddess, is still very much a part of me. What I've learned through working with her, however, is that I no longer have to pick up my sword every time I see (or experience) an injustice. She has taken up the sword on my behalf many times recently. She has shown me that my time and energy were much better spent focusing on creating the life I want to live.She sees. She knows. She protects.

Note that I said "every time". Because it's important that you know that there are still times when I will pick up that sword. I'm just less inclined to do so as often as I used to.
So - about this polishing business. We are all, for the most part, a gemstone in the rough. Think of your most favorite gemstone, and then do a little google search to see what that gemstone looks like un-tumbled. For instance, take a look at the piece of Lapis Lazuli (my fav) there on the left.

It's nice... but it just isn't as beautiful as it looks once it's tumbled - or polished.

Now take a look at the gorgeous Lapis Lazule over here on the right that has been tumbled and polished. Big difference, right? You can see the deep blue hues, the flecks of gold, the sheer beauty of this gemstone.

I do have to inject a plug for one of my favorite gemstone sites here: Healing Crystals. They not only have an amazing collection of gemstones available at discount prices, their site offers TONS of information on the metaphysical properties of just about every gemstone you can think of!

There are several techniques to polishing a gemstone. You can grind them, sand them, use a drill, or put them in a tumbler. Have you ever felt that someone was just putting you through the ringer? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. So while this person is grinding, sanding, drilling or otherwise putting you through the ringer - YOU are actually the one who benefits. Why? Because you're being POLISHED! You come out a gorgeous shining gemstone while they continue to wear the face of a worn down sander or grinder or a dull drill bit.

Don't let this be you!

Was that an "AHA!!" moment I just heard you having? I hope so. :-)

Let your gem-self SHINE!
*corks inkwell and puts quill away*

Until next time, my beautiful Gems!

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