Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eye of Nuit will be taking a much needed break next week.  As many of you know, Eye of Nuit is a sole proprietor business.  Nuit & I work very hard at keeping the store stocked with fresh and innovative product - creating fun and exciting projects and gatherings, and making Eye of Nuit a place for all witches and pagans to gather and just be themselves.

With the rough economic times we're in, it's not possible to hire even a part-time employee, much less pay myself.  I keep the faith that I can make it through the rough first few years, with the expected "running in the red".  The Goddess had a plan for me, and for this store - and I'll see it through wherever it leads.

I am very blessed with the generous helping hand that Dave lends me while working his own very demanding full time job.  He gives of his time and energy, and his only compensation is the love, appreciation and support of you, the customers - as well as from Nuit and myself! 

I cannot thank this man enough for his support of me in this endeavor!  As we all know - a little appreciation goes a long way in making someone feel valuable.  So honey, here's to you!  *raises a cup of coffee in a toast*

In addition to Dave's helping hand, I am blessed with two other individuals who give generously of their time to help keep the doors open.  They know who they are and they know that I am more grateful than words can express!  Yes, Sarah and Jodee, I'm talking about you! :-)

Next week, our store hours will be limited.  Please check the Store Hours link for more information.  I will be taking some time to finish implementing the new and improved online store, so look for that in the very near future!  Beginning Sunday, September 25th, our store hours will change.  More details are on the website:  Eye of Nuit

We are coming up on our one year anniversary, and plans are in the making to have a celebration!  In the coming months, look for new products, a redesigned storefront, and fresh additions to our line of ScentWerx™ which includes handcrafted soy wax candles, soaps, body lotion, bath salts & more!

Last night was a smashing Witches Night Out success!  Many came out to this special Craft Night and made some beautiful God’s Eyes.  Our deepest heartfelt thanks go to Sarah, Pete & Jodee for their help in making this a fun and crafty evening!  Nessa Rose was on hand to help, but got detoured by the fresh Catnip growing in the store and ended up leaving everyone to their own crafty devices.  This was probably a good thing.

I’ll be announcing the next Craft Night soon, and information on our next public ritual.  Don’t miss out on these wonderful witchy gatherings!

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