Monday, September 26, 2011

Working for the Greater Good

Happy Magickal Monday everyone!  Yes, it's Monday, and back to work for me.  Last week Nuit and I took a much needed break, relaxed and... well... still worked a bit.  LOL!  As promised, I worked on a new ScentWerx addition, our new line of Body Mist.  Right now we have two of your favorite scents available:  Lemon Zest and Sugar Mint.  Today I will be concocting another scent - one that's new to the ScentWerx line.

Mabon has come and gone, and we find ourselves looking towards one of MY favorite holidays:  Samhain!  Speaking of which, my BFF and most favorite witch in the world - Kallan Kennedy, will soon be announcing her Halloween Giveaway.  So check out her blog, bookmark it, and keep checking for details. 

This brings me to my other topic for today.  If you noticed the blog title here "Working for the Greater Good", you might wonder what I'm talking about.  Well wonder no longer - I'm about to explain.

A few months ago a group of us became aware of the intent of a group called "DC-40".  Their intent is to "lay siege" on the nation - to force feed their (radical, IMO) religious views on every man, woman and child in this country by way of "spiritual warfare".   They believe they have the power to change the name of  our capital - District of Columbia - to "The District of Christ".  A "50 days of Prayer" is planned, and their intent is clear:  to destroy the secular nation that we have and force everyone to succumb to their spiritual way of thinking by changing laws here in the good 'ol USA. 

Their response, when realizing that pagans were just not going to sit back and allow them to use their malevolent form of magick to destroy our wonderful nation, was to throw down the gauntlet.  They declared : "We release the power of blood-covered light over you."  Blood?  REALLY??

We realize that there are many, many Christians who do not follow along this radical group's line of thinking.  We also realize that it's NOT to be ignored.  Why?  Because the foundation of all prayer, energy/spell work is simple.  The reason it works is in direct proportion to the amount of INTENT the practitioner puts into it.  And boy are these radicals putting a LOT of intent into their plan.  So - WE ARE TOO.   

Here's the bottom line:  The DC40 project was created to force a union of Church (their version of it) and State within this great country.  During these 50 days of prayer, they plan on changing the nicknames of each state.  Some of the nicknames are surreal in an almost evil way such as renaming Arkansas to "The State of Exposing & Dislodging the Serpent".  Sheesh.  *shakes head*

So, not ones to take things like this laying down - a wonderful group of pagans has put together a plan  And we invite everyone, of ALL faiths, to join us. 

There is a group on Facebook called "What Makes Your State Great?"  We are asking people to post about their state.  What do you love about your state?  What makes it a great place to live?  How does your state contribute to the secular nation?  You may have little known facts - things of interest - that others would be surprised to know.  This group is the place to shout it out. :-)

In addition, we are asking people to utilize the schedule below to coordinate their own good works if they would like.  Whether you are a Christian who uses prayer, or anyone who uses chants, prayer, energy/spell work - this job is for you.

Here is the list, which includes each state's name - it's true "nickname", and the date that we are asking everyone to do their own special kind of "magick" to support our goal of protecting the religious freedoms of this country.  These dates each precede the DC40's plan of attack on each state:

The What Makes Your State Great Project Plan

Sign up for your state or your favorite. We'll be featuring each state as follows:

Hawaii (50) The Aloha State10-02-11 
Alaska (49)The Last Frontier 10-03-11 
Arizona (48) The Grand Canyon State 10-04-11 
New Mexico (47)The Land of Enchantment 10-05-11 
Oklahoma (46) The Sooner State10-06-11 
Utah (45)The Beehive State10-07-11 
Wyoming (44)The Equality State10-08-11 
Idaho (43)The Gem State 10-09-11 
Washington (42)The Evergreen State10-10-11 
Montana (41)The Treasure State10-11-11 
South Dakota (40)The Mount Rushmore State10-12-11 
North Dakota (39)The Peace Garden State10-13-11 
Colorado (38)The Centennial State 10-14-11 
Nebraska (37)The Corn Husker State10-15-11 
Nevada (36)The Silver State10-16-11 
West Virginia (35)The Mountain State10-17-11 
Kansas (34)The Sunflower State10-18-11 
Oregon (33)The Beaver State 10-19-11 
Minnesota (32)The North Star State10-20-11 
California (31)The Golden State10-21-11 
Wisconsin (30)The Badger State10-22-11 
Iowa (29)The Hawkeye State 10-23-11 
Texas (28)The Lone Star State10-24-11 
Florida (27) The Sunshine State10-25-11 
Michigan (26) The Great Lakes State 10-26-11 
Arkansas (25) The Natural State 10-27-11 
Missouri (24)The Show Me  State10-28-11
 Maine (23)The Pine Tree State 10-29-11
Alabama (22)The Yellowhammer State10-30-11 
Illinois (21)The Prairie State10-31-11
Mississippi (20)The Magnolia State 11-01-11
Indiana (19)The Hoosier State11-02-11
Louisiana (18)The Pelican State11-03-11
Ohio (17)The Buckeye State 11-04-11
Tennessee (16) The Volunteer State 11-05-11
Kentucky (15)The Bluegrass State  –11-06-11
Vermont (14)The Green Mountain State11-07-11
Rhode Island (13)The Ocean State11-08-11
North Carolina (12)The Tarheel State 11-09-11
District of COLUMBIA (DC) 11-10-11
New York (11) The Empire State11-11-11
Virginia (10)The Old Dominion State11-12-11
New Hampshire (9)The Granite State 11-13-11
South Carolina (8)The Palmetto State 11-14-11
Maryland (7) The Old Line State 11-15-11
Massachusetts (6)The Bay State 11-16-11
Connecticut (5)The Constitution State 11-17-11
Georgia (4) The Peach State 11-18-11
New Jersey (3)The Garden  State11-19-11
Pennsylvania (2)The Keystone State -11-20-11
Delaware (1) The First State 11-21-11
11-22-11: Posting of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Secular Writings of our Founding Fathers

We hope you'll join us, and lend your energy to a work For The Greater Good.


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